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Yoga Therapy for a Healthy Back

Maintaining a healthy spine is integral to healthy living. Each person’s spine is different and healthy movement through yoga therapy supports keeping the back flexible, strong and pain free.

Supporting a Healthy Back

Find back health through personalized yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is holistic and supports bringing the system into balance which supports overall back health. Yoga therapy has been proven to reduce pain while safely increasing strength and flexibility. If you experience back pain caused by structural problems, injury, arthritis or other sources, yoga therapy’s holistic approach connects the mind, body, breath and emotions to support recovery.

Where to Begin

Begin with a 90-minute assessment and introductory class. It is recommend that clients follow up with the choice of a 4-or-8 week series of classes. See options below.


  • A personalized practice for your individual back needs
  • Reduce back pain
  • Increase back strength and flexibility
  • Learn tools to manage stress and create balance for back health
  • Improve breath and body awareness

Begin Here


Sarah begins working with clients by performing a 90-minute health and wellness intake and a posture, strength, and flexibility assessment. She listens to the client’s goals and teaches an experiential yoga class with poses personalized to support back health of the client.

The class includes stress-reducing techniques to support back health. She prepares a plan for a home practice to support a healthy back.

4-Week Series

Improve back strength and flexibility while focusing on bringing the system into balance. Work toward a daily practice for healing with a take-home practice.

Learn the Following

  • Simple yoga poses for back health
  • Yogic breathing
  • Yoga suited individual capacity
  • A take-home practice

8-Week Series


With 8-weeks of classes clients continue working toward a home practice with an introduction to meditation.

Learn the Following

  • Yogic breathing and simple yoga poses for back health
  • Yoga suited to individual capacity
  • Visualization and meditation
  • A take-home practice