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Meditation for Beginners

An exploration into clarity and focus

To many, meditation seems overwhelming, too complex and challenging or even whoo-whoo. Many say, “My mind wanders” or “I fall asleep.” Yet, meditation can be as simple as becoming aware of your breathing.  When you become aware of the breath, listening to the inhale and exhale, the mind moves to attention. Try it for 30 seconds and you’ve meditated, even if your mind wanders, bring it back to the breath. Once this happens,  you will begin to feel calm and clear. This is meditation.

Focus the Mind

The mind has the capacity to hold a focus or connection. When we focus the mind in one direction, it is like exercise for the mind, making the mind more adaptable and fluid. In everyday life, we move our attention from one object to another, call monkey mind. When we move from this external mind and bring our attention to the internal, or something like the breath, we begin exercise our attention and connect with self or consciousness. We begin to meditate.

In Meditation for Beginners we begin to learn to focus the mind first through gentle movement, then breathwork, onto visualization. Class also includes journal exercises and relaxation techniques for stress-reduction and visualization for setting positive intentions.

Where to Begin

Begin with a 75-minute introductory class. After an introduction to meditation, options for additional meditation classes include mantra meditation and visualization exercises that include a focus on water or light in the form of the sun or moon. Options are listed below.

Water Meditation Class

One-on-One, 75 Minutes

In the yogic tradition, water is calming, cooling, healing and a creative force.

Explore the healing power of water and objects of meditation such as a gentle stream pf water, a gentle flowing river or a lake and still body of water. A focus to water brings healing, clarity and movement.

Practices includes journal exercises, mantras, visualization, and gentle movement to circulate energy in the body.

Light Meditation Class

One-on-One, 75 minutes

In the yogic tradition, light in the form of the sun or moon provides healing energy.

The sun sustains life, protects health, and dispels darkness.

The moon is cooling, nurturing and a gentle white light for emotional healing.

Explore the healing power of light. Practices include journal exercises, gentle movement, and visualization.

Mantra Meditation Class

One-on-One, 75 minutes

In the yogic tradition, chanting, mantra and sound are one of the most powerful tools for healing and transformation.

The vibration created by mantras chosen specifically for you support energetic healing.

Explore the healing power of sound as an object of meditation to bring healing and clarity.

Practices include gentle movement and mantra meditation.