Work-Life Balance
YOGA with Sarah Beaudry

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Is it time to find your happy Place

Are you seeking fulfillment in your personal and career arenas?
Your Happy Place: that sweet spot when rejuvenation inspires focused determination is within your reach!

Experience the “Zone”

Our happy place makes us feel alive. Yes!
Creative. Yes! In the moment. Yes! Happy. Yes!
Then … watch life happen.

Your Daily Grind Re-Imagined

Trapped in a fast-paced 24-hour communications cycle?
Are your goals slipping away between meetings, emails?
Is it creating anxiety, overwhelm, to the point of exhaustion?

You are Not Alone

Everyone is challenged. Even the most successful professionals are affected by competing demands of work and personal lives.

A Lighter, Brighter You

Give yourself permission to take a break.
Breathe. Pause. Re-calibrate.
All this is within your reach with Work-Life Balance Yoga.
Can you say effortless?

Your Feel-Good Toolbox Has Arrived

Return to your Happy Place time and time again with your personal yoga take-home toolbox.

Learn more and schedule your WLBY session at my sister site