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One-on-One Yoga for Fitness

Personalized yoga is a great way to support your fitness goals.

Nostril breathing with movement in yoga practices supports physical fitness including improved flexibility and strength building. Add in breathwork on its own, and you will find it also supports your overall fitness and endurance. Breathwork certainly supports mental and emotional wellness, but fitness industry professionals say that it can also enhance athletic performance or speed muscular recovery after a workout.

  • Breathwork is as important as foam rolling, and added to stretching in the right way, can become a yoga practice for your individual needs.
  • Breathing through the nose activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps people remain calm and alert and at ease in movement.
  • See this study that shows a link between parasympathetic nervous activity, which is activated by breathwork, and recovery status after an intense workout.

Begin Here

Begin with a 90-minute assessment and introductory class. It is recommend that clients follow up with the choice of a 4-or-8 week series of classes. See options below.


  • A personalized practice for your individual fitness needs
  • Increase strength and flexibility to support your fitness goals
  • Improve breath capacity to support overall fitness and endurance

Begin Here


Sarah begins working with clients by performing a 90-minute health and wellness intake and a posture, strength, and flexibility assessment. She listens to the client’s goals and teaches an experiential yoga class with poses personalized to support client fitness goals.

The class includes stress-reducing techniques to support overall health and wellness. She prepares a plan for a home practice to support client fitness goals.

4-Week Series

Improve strength and flexibility along with improving the breath to support fitness goals while focusing on bringing the system into balance. Work toward a daily practice for health and wellness.

Learn the Following

  • Yoga poses to increase strength and flexibility
  • Yogic breathing
  • Yoga suited individual capacity
  • A take-home practice

8-Week Series


With 8-weeks of classes clients continue working toward a home practice with an introduction to meditation.

Learn the Following

  • Yogic breathing and yoga poses to support fitness goals
  • Yoga suited to individual capacity
  • Visualization and meditation
  • A take-home practice